China Calisaia

The precious China Calisaia from South America is queen in this bitters. The bark of the plant, after being carefully selected, is processed by hand to extract the aromatic and spicy part. The characteristic dark red color makes it absolutely unique, not surprisingly, this China is called China Rossa. This bitters marries beautifully with Old Fashion making it understood and original.

Fiori d'arancio

Orange flowers are poetry. This precious bitters expresses all the wonder of the white flowers of juicy Mediterranean fruit. A wonderful scent distinguishes it.
Delicate, floral, elegant: this bitter makes you dream. In a Ramos Fiz could make you fall in love, in a Champagne-based cocktail is pure inspiration.


Galanga, also called sweet ginger, comes from Thailand. It uses the root and is widely used in the kitchen in the territories of origin: something unique. This bitter expresses all the spiciness, sweetness and pungency of this exotic plant and becomes, for example, a magic touch in a Mai Tai.


The highly prized Rhubarb Round, coming from China, is the protagonist of this bitters. The rhizomes of the plant are infused in alcohol and water and naturally release a rich and intense aroma that brings back memories in the past. This delicious bitters perfectly fits a Hanky-Panky, for example, to give an absolutely original and delicious touch.

Bloody Mermaid

This bitter is an explosion of aromas and flavors. Levistic, that is mountain celery, lemon, coriander and pepper. A garden in a Bitters. This bitter gives, for example, a wonderful touch to a Bloody Mary or a Caesar.


This bitter expresses all the aromas of the aromatic herbs of the Mediterranean. Notes of rosemary, coriander, maritime pine make it fresh, charming and extremely ductile. It is especially recommended in citric cocktails: in a Margarita it gives an absolutely unique touch.


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