The Sirene love social gatherings, exchanges and new adventures. Discover how you would drink Il Liquore delle Sirene: straight-up, on the rocks or mixed with other first-class ingredients. Draw some inspiration from the suggestions below, or take a chance and create your own perfect mix.

- 60 ml Liquore delle Sirene

Garnish with lemon peel

- 50ml Liquore delle Sirene
- Top od soda water

Garnish with orange peel

- 1/4 grammy smith apple
- 15 ml fresh ginger
- 10 ml sugar syrup
- 25 ml vodka
- 30 ml Liquore delle Sirene
- 15 ml white egg

Shake and strain
Garnish with grammy smith apple slices

- 30 ml Liquore delle Sirene
- 30 ml red dry vermouth
- Top of soda water

Drops of orange and lemon essential oils
Garnish with lemon peel

- 45 ml London dry gin
- 25 ml Liquore delle Sirene
- 10 ml sugar syrup
- pink grapefruit juice top

Drops of pink grapefruit essential oils
Garnish with pink grapefruit peel

- 30ml Liquore delle Sirene
- 25ml spiced rum
- 20ml barley water
- 15ml lime juice

Shake and strain. Serve with ice
Garnish with lemon peel

- 60ml Prosecco
- 40 ml Liquore delle Sirene
- Top of soda water

Garnish with half orange slice and with a slice of fresh ginger

- 30 ml Liquore delle Sirene
- 15 ml tequila
- 15 ml pink grapefruit juice
- 15 ml lemon juice
- 10 ml cinnamon syrup

Garnish with lemon twist and a cinnamon stick
------------------------------------------ Cocktails by Thomas White ------------------------------------------

*Please enjoy Liquore delle Sirene responsibly
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